Wednesday, December 21, 2011

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          MOLLY EACH

{ one } A First Edition
Scoring a first edition or rare copy of a beloved book is the quickest way to a bibliophile's
heart. Sure, some are priced far, far out of any normal person's budget, but you can often score
more reasonable copies on ebay or at a brick-and-mortar book dealer who is willing to negotiate.
My husband has been a Roald Dahl fanatic since he was a kid. A first edition "Charlie and the Chocolate
Factory" is something that will tug at the ol' heartstrings and hold a sacred place on our bookshelf.  
 { two } Quote Tote ($15)
I love a chic handbag, but when it comes to strolling the farmers' market, heading to the grocery store,
or even meeting friends for brunch, I'm usually spotted with a simple canvas tote bag. I'm partial to
this one, which bears a hilarious Louisa May Alcott quote. 
{three } A book, of course.
"The Marriage Plot" by Jeffrey Eugenides was one of my favorites of 2011. A beautifully written novel
from one of my most admired authors, it's the tale of three college students embarking on their first
year out of school. I couldn't get enough.
{ four } Novel Tea ($12.50)
My very favorite way to end the day is curled up with a good book and a cup of tea. Novel Tea gets
me in a literary state of mind, thanks to quotes from and about books. It's the perfect companion
to a beloved reading-centric mug.
 { five } Kate Spade Book Clutch ($325)
Proudly wear your literary love on your arm, and guarantee bookish conversation wherever you go. I
love how fellow nerds always spot the book cover from across the room, and before long we're geeking
out together over Emma Woodhouse's meddling ways. And options aren't limited to just Austen-- fans of
Dickens, Shakespeare, Wilde and more will find their favorites among Kate Spade's adorable collection.
{ six } Knock Knock Personal Library Kit ($20)
Okay, perhaps this makes me a mega-nerd, but secretly wish I was a librarian. Now, thanks to this delightful
kit from Fred Flare, I can turn my entire floor-to-ceiling bookshelf into my own personal library-- and never
lose a loaned out book again. Now I just need cute glasses.
So you've given in to the modern ways of the e-reader. (And why not? Trying to read 562-page Jonathan
Franzen novel while standing on the train is impossible to do gracefully.) But that doesn't mean you're not
a traditional bookworm at heart. Tuck your Kindle, Nook, or iPad into this repurposed Nancy Drew
book cover and keep fellow bibliophiles guessing as to what really lies inside.
{ eight } Trivial Pursuit Book Lover's Edition
When I play Trivial Pursuit, I spend the entire game crossing my fingers that I land on brown, the Arts
and Literature category. But thanks to their Book Lover's Edition, I can skip right over Science and
Nature or History and get right to my favorite questions-- and hopefully win. 

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