Wednesday, May 23, 2012

seeing spots

{ one and two: thrift store find | three: Anthropologie Luxe Shine Wallpaper | four: Emerson Fry Airy Dots Blouse | five: thrift store find | six: via The Sartorialist | seven: via The Design Center |  eight: Anthropologie Circles Galore Maillotnine and ten: Hound SS12 Collection featuring an abstract dot print by Michelle Vondiziano of January Prints | eleven and twelve: thrift store find | thirteen: via Fashion Gone Rogue | fourteen: Nicole Cari via Closet Visit | fifteen: via The Sartorialist | sixteen: via Fashion Gone Rogue | seventeen: Madewell Silk Dotty Dress | eighteen: via Pinterest | nineteen: via The Sartorialist | twenty: via Atlantic-Pacific }

On a recent trip to the thrift store, I unintentionally loaded up my cart with multiple items covered in polka dots. All the dotted prints I've been seeing must have snuck their way onto my subliminal wish list because I ended up taking home a blouse and two dresses covered in spots. All fun, colorful, and just in time for some updates to my summer wardrobe.

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