Thursday, April 25, 2013

one part plant

Introducing One Part Plant, the latest project from Jessica Murnane. Her name might sound familiar because I've worked with her on a variety of projects and gushed about her and her creative endeavors numerous times on the blog. In addition to seeing eye to eye on our handful of design-related collaborations, we've always connected over our love of cooking, eating, and entertaining. Over the years, we've swapped our fair share of recipes and pointers for clean eating, nutritional healing, grain sprouting, and veggie prepping and gabbed for hours on end about pursuing happy, healthy, well-balanced lives. One Part Plant is the culmination of Jessica's journey and her "guide to clean food and a happy head." Today, she features me as one of her Babes in Plantland and makes me blush with her flattering and thoughtful words. I'll be back on the site in the weeks to come sharing some of my tips for natural living and one or two of my favorite plant-based recipes. Take a look! 

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