Thursday, March 29, 2012

so, how was your day?

As I've mentioned many times before, my dear friend Jessica Murnane is a constant source of inspiration and creative motivation. Jessica is full of great ideas and what I love most about her is not just that her ideas are especially clever, but that she actually goes out and executes them, and very thoughtfully at that. Well folks, she's done it yet again with her newest project So, How Was Your Day?The site launched last week and is full of fun and inspirational glimpses into the lives of creative movers and shakers who exemplify the traits I admire so much in Jessica. Through a handful of brief lines about meals, meetings, daily tasks, and a few fiery follow-up questions, Jessica introduces readers to some serious innovators. Graham Kostic of Glossed & Found and Monica Dimperio of The MidWasteland and Elegently Wasted Vintage are part of the initial line up and it was exciting to see these friends and familiar faces in the mix. The new site is a fantastic concept with the same eye on simple and refined design that I have grown to love through Suitor, Jessica's line of paper goods. Can't wait to see who else she features!

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