Thursday, August 23, 2012

holding on to summer

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The entire summer has nearly come and gone without so much as a peep on the blog. I have been fortunate enough to have an especially busy season with weddings and custom projects. It's meant many extra hours spent at the sewing machine or cutting table, surrounded by piles of silk chiffon and crepe de chine, organic cotton, leather, sketches, and sewing patterns. It's also meant that email communication, blog posting, time dedicated to designing new styles, personal time, and summer relaxation have fallen a bit to the wayside. I shouldn't complain, because being busy is an indication that business is going well and that I've had the chance to collaborate with lots of amazing people on garments that I am extremely excited about. But, a few important things have been neglected and I'm looking forward to making sure I have a better balanced fall.

Even though I didn't have the chance to plant a garden or finish that furniture project that was on my list for this summer, I was able to do a little traveling (a late spring trip to Oregon and our annual Forth of July drive to Tennessee) and enjoy some of what makes Chicago so magical in the summer (farmers markets, bike rides, beach volleyball, Miko's Italian Ice, and the occasional boat ride on Lake Michigan). Here's to trying to squeeze in a few more adventures, outdoor drinks with friends, bike rides to the lake, jumps in the pool, tennis matches, little white dresses, family time, sing-alongs, local produce, meals cooked on the grill, and restful Sundays before summer is officially over and fall sets in.

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