Thursday, March 01, 2012

a closer look

zebra crossings and spotty predators

you are the grooviest gal in the office

a play on metallics inspired by the Diet Pepsi can

A closer look at the pieces I designed for the Diet Pepsi Style Studio runway show last month. Simon Doonan and Diet Pepsi came up with the three themes listed above and asked us to interpret the trends and design pieces that reflected the perspectives of each of our cities. My experience with the way we approach fashion in Chicago is that we are design-minded, fashion-forward, and put together -- but also very laid back. While I love a touch of leopard print here and there, I don't think loud animal prints are the best representation of my personal style or Chicago's style. I found a way to incorporate print in a more subtle and personal way for the safari category by designing two custom silks inspired by abstracted zebra stripes and African textiles. I wanted the three styles to look like they were all part of the same collection, so tried to find ways to repeat certain design elements throughout. This showed up primarily in the draping and the fabric and color choices. For the metallic look, inspired by the sleek and clean design of the Diet Pepsi can, I found a great textured leather that I included to tie it back into the animal print theme which then inspired me to add a touch of leather to the pockets of the blazer in the avant-garde look. The design process was exciting, challenging, and extremely different from how I usually approach developing a new style. The overall fashion week experience was a real treat and I am grateful to Diet Pepsi for the opportunity and to all my friends, family, and fellow Chicagoans for such wonderful support and encouragement throughout the adventure. Up next? I am working on a handful of graphic design and photography projects, prepping for the upcoming wedding season, adding final touches to the Fall Winter 2012 collection, and wrapping up a textile design class I've been teaching at Marwen Foundation. I think it's going to be a great and busy spring!

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