Thursday, December 15, 2011

gift guide | julia felsenthal


 { one } Stetson La Mesa Hat in Khaki ($75) 
The only thing I like better than a boy in a Stetson hat is a girl in a Stetson hat.
If only I could figure out what to do about the huge disparity in our head size...
{ two } Comme des Garcon Distressed Leather Wallet from Opening Ceremony ($185)
Ah, Commes des Garcon: you are completely mysterious and inaccessible in almost all ways, but
you do make an adorable line of leather accessories. I love that this distressed leather wallet appears
to be on its last legs.  Perhaps when it's really on it's last legs my boyfriend will give it back to me.
{ three } Duluth Scout Pack ($95)
I dig the saturated colors of these very simple day packs from this ages-old Minnesota
outfitter, but I already have one in a practical, neutral waxed canvas.  Perhaps my boyfriend
would appreciate one in spruce, or even orange, and perhaps he'd let me use it too.
{ four } Studded Converse from What Goes Around Comes Around ($175)
Long before I knew him, my boyfriend was a punky teenager who liked to bleach his hair
and go to hardcore shows at CBGBs.  These punked-out converse may make him feel young
again, but they also may make him think: these would look better on my girlfriend.
{ five } Ardbeg Supernova ($130)
Ardbeg was already making some of the peatiest scotches in the peatiest region of Scotland,
but Supernova is what happened when Ardbeg got into an arms race with equally-peaty
Bruichladdich over which distiller could out-do the other. The result is weird and delicious, 
and best enjoyed in the company of one's girlfriend.
{ six } Rugby Patterned Cape Workshirt ($248)
All I want to wear these days is nineties retro Ralph Lauren, particularly the Little
House on the Prarie and Navajo-esque designs. I don't think I could bear to pay hundreds
of dollars for a fake-vintage Ralph shirt for myself: but for my boyfriend, anything.
{ seven } North Sea Clothing Expedition Sweater from J. Crew ($218)
J.Crew's M.O. for women lately seems to be "put a ruffle on it." But the store's menswear
collection (and its curation of other brands), is remarkably spot on. I think we'd both look 
cool in this cozy-looking, vaguely nautical, shawl collar sweater.

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