Monday, August 29, 2011

on the road

Hello! I am back after a couple of wonderful weeks away. Collin had a short time off between the end of his job and the beginning of grad school at University of Illinois, so we jumped at the opportunity to take a little trip. It just so happened that By & By String Band, one of his mom's bands from New Orleans, was going to be traveling during our break and was in need of a bass player (Collin) and an opening act (Collin on guitar, me on bass). So, we headed south to meet them for a mini-tour/family-visit/vacation around the Appalachians. Now that I am home, I am catching up on work and blog posts, preparing for my pseudo-move down state, feeling inspired and exhausted, and humming all the old-time ballads and bluegrass tunes that I have stuck in my head. Keep your eyes out for photos from the road.

{ via By & By }

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