Thursday, March 31, 2011

new jewelry for anthropologie

{ one: EB Brass Necklace with Washers | two: SS11 photo by Caleb Condit | three: darkened brass washers scattered across our work table | four: a spool of vintage brass chain | five: SS10 photo by Caleb Condit | six: EB Brass Macrame Necklace }

This past Sunday, Anthropologie opened a new accessories boutique at the Mall at Green Hills in Nashville, TN and we whipped up a few necklaces for the occasion. The store will carry the two styles shown above, both made from vintage brass chain and mix of antique and new findings. The necklace with washers was originally made from hardware I discovered while rummaging through my mom's boxes of jewelry findings from the 70's and 80's. Typically, brass is shiny and gold in tone, but over time it develops a beautiful patina and changes color. Though I searched and searched for antique hardware in the same size, I couldn't find anything but new materials. In order to replicate the look of the brass findings that inspired the necklace and have been aging for over 20 years, I sand the washers to roughen up the surface and make them more matte in texture and then soak them in a vinegar solution until the color changes into a darker and richer tone. For the macrame necklace, I twist and knot vintage chain around itself and let the ends hang loose. The length and placement of the fringe varies slightly from one necklace to the next, making each piece one-of-a-kind. If you are in the Nashville area, stop by the new store and check out the limited edition necklaces in person. For those of you that are elsewhere, send us a quick note and we can work something out via email.

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